can not migrate VM RAM disk is full

One of the RAM disk that make up the ESXi host root file system might reach its resource pool limit as a result of a software failure or an accidental use of an incorrect path.

When an administrator manually copies files to the host and accidentally uses an incorrect path (that is, one outside /vmfs/volumes), this error message appears:

The ramdisk ‘root’ is full. As a result, the file /testfile could not be written.

Also, in the /var/log/vmkernel.log file, you may see the error:

VisorFSRam: 233: Cannot extend visorfs file /var/lib/vmware/hostd/journal/ because its ramdisk (root) is full.


SSH to the affected ESXi host

To view the ramdisk, run: $ vdf -h

Identify files in the root directory larger than 1 MB: $ find /var -size +1024k -exec du -h {} \; | less

Old/stale left over ESXi host log bundles should be copied/moved off and removed to provide space back to the ESXi host

remove file file is not required