IDRAC issue – not responding to HTTP/HTTPS err_connection_refused

I recenlty ran into an issue with a Dell iDRAC — it was not running the web interface, and so I was not able to connect and install the Enterprise license file.

Here’s how to fix it:

Step 1: Connect to and login to your iDRAC via SSH

if you not change password, it default idrac  user: root password: calvin

Step 2: Type the following command to display the status of the idrac web server service:

racadm getconfig -g cfgRacTuning

Step3: if cfgRacTuneWebserverEnable=0 If the Enable setting is set to Disabled, run the following command to enable:

racadm set idrac.webserver.enable 1

Verify status:

racadm get idrac.webserver

Step 4: if cfgRacTuneWebserverEnable=1  run the following command to reset:

racadm clrraclog

racadm racreset

If above step idrac not not responding you can try disable and enable, run the following command

racadm set idrac.webserver.enable 0

racadm set idrac.webserver.enable 1